The environmental consciousness of LATTAS SA is proven by arguments


Wood, the most eco-friendly material of all

Wood is the primary source of raw material for the manufacture of LATTAS products. Global organizations such as WWF consider wood to be the most eco-friendly material both because of its properties and its energy performance.

Sustainability & Recycling

The wooden products produced today come from legally harvested timber (sustainable forest management). This means that wood comes from forests where trees are replanted more frequently than they are cut. The use of wood contributes positively to the protection of the environment as carbon dioxide is captured during the production of this ecological material. Wood is a natural and renewable energy source. As a result, when LATTAS’s furniture parts close their life cycle, they can be recycled naturally without causing damage to the environment.


All LATTAS products have zero emissions in formaldehyde.
The company holds certificates specifically related to this issue.

Eco-friendly paint varnishes

Eco-friendly varnishes are used to dye our products without the use of solvents.