Our production

LATTAS has invested in the production process of natural wood and in the production of quality ecological furniture. The company’s own factory in Schimatari, Attica, covers an area of 6,000 m2 with modern technological equipment which is renewed and upgraded on a regular basis; our team of specialized craftsmen is always trained and updated with the new techniques and technologies. 35 years of experience in the furniture industry, coupled with love and passion for creation, are a guarantee of quality, elegance and functionality for both mass production and individual orders of several items or even a single piece of urniture. The company has the ability and the flexibility to produce its own designs or to execute large or small orders with speed, quality and competitive prices. By participating in many major international exhibitions and international certifications (ISO 19001, ISO 14001) and using the most rigorous quality control methods, we have achieved remarkable achievements in the years of the economic crisis. The company exports 50% of its production to several countries and our growth continues …

High Quality

A pioneer in the production of quality-ecological furniture, the company’s creations are innovative, unique and friendly to man along with absolute respect for the environment. Every single creation refers to a
“Proposal of the Living Space” not only with the strictest of the specifications concerning high quality and durability of furniture (ISO 19001, ISO 14001), but also with the most rigorous production controls.